listener and storyteller

Being a listener in a world of storytellers

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Storytelling has been one of the most adopted and accepted theories for a while in the sector. And we all know what happens with some of these concepts when they are fully embraced, overused and manipulated, first for some ‘hot’ (whatever that means) companies/designers, followed by the vast majority of the Design community: What used to be an interesting and valid theory became a fast-flowing river of bullshit.

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white space and content

About content and space in UI

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With the introduction of the new App Store redesign and the ‘Do not disturb while driving’ feature in the last Apple WWDC 2017, we are witnessing the consolidation of a very interesting pattern taking place on most of the User Interfaces we interact Today; The era of white space and an important boost of high quality and meaningful content. Read More

Verification & Validation

Understanding Verification and Validation in Product Design

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This is my honest attempt -based on my experience and many articles read- to shed some light on these ideas and hopefully help some product designers out there to understand what is V&V and how important it is for a product. Of course, I am helping myself too, writing and drawing cool charts is one of the best methods I have found to organise my ideas in a way that makes sense. So here we go. Read More

do what your mom says

Be a good product designer, listen to your mom

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No doubt about how important are our mothers in our lives, they are our real heroes, a limitless source of love and wisdom and the best life instructions book we can get. They are also the inventors of some of the best, wisest (and sometimes most terrifying) quotes you had ever heard, quotes that you won’t forget and you can even apply to every sphere of your life, including your career as a Product Designer, here are some of my favourites. Read More

it is about people

Don’t miss the point, it is about people

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Who the hell am I to tell you anything about being a good product designer? I am not a personal trainer, a Human Resources specialist, a Guru or any type of Evangelist. I am a Product Designer trying to do my best in every sphere of my work, enjoy every process and learn as much as I can during the whole way. A big part of my work is about building better experiences and enriching the relationship between a product and the people who use it, and with this article I just want to share something that I have learnt during my career, something I believe, it is very healthy to remember every day: Read More

art & design

Art & Design, a brief story about my education in Cuba

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Since I can remember, I have always been a very proactive person, trying to “make” and build stuff from my imagination, my favourite tools were always pencils, colours and paper. I remember my grandfather watching me drawing when I was 6 years old and he was the first person who saw something weird happening with this kid and his way to draw; “You just draw one line on paper, and for some reason you just leave it, you take another paper and start again. “I know that perfect line to start your drawing is already in your head” he used to say. On the other hand, my mother used to tell me: “you better change your technique boy, money doesn’t grow on trees and paper is not really cheap here so I want to see you recycling” – A good advice warning for the future.

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Ukulele playlist

My Ukulele playlist

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In a previous post called “12 habits to be a happy and creative person” in the point number 8, I recommend to learn how to play an instrument like another way to enjoy your free time and release your creativity. In my case, first I started with the blues harmonica and a little bit later with, in my opinion, the happiest instrument in the world; the ukulele. If you are a ukulele geek like me, this Spotify playlist is for you. With more than 150 songs with this wonderful instrument and others that I am learning or want to learn. Feel free to follow me and share good songs or other playlists with me. I hope you like it and enjoy it! Read More